Choosing my champion pool for S8

Hi there, happy season 8 everyone! So this will be my very first actual season ranking, after 2 years spent learning and maxing my skills, reached G5 in a rush last year but that was really all my experience in ranked games. Ok, now I wanna be a midlaner and I was thinking about my champion pool for it: 1) First choice is gonna be for sure {{champion:163}} , control mage, strong sieges, efficent roams and very strong in the right hands. 2) Second choice I was thinking about {{champion:142}} , CC and burst, win lane snowball game izi pizi gg (still, not sure about her, so if you have another suggestions with same characteristics I'm here for your advice). 3) Third choice has to be something different from the previous, so I was thinking maybe some kind of assassin, can you suggest me a good one? Easy to learn but that requires skills (that's the fun for me), also a solo carrying game because I sense I will need that a lot :D Give me your suggestions, I'm here to learn!
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