Yasuo needs to be changed somehow

I think that yasuo is straight broken even with the new nerfs the fact that he can be 1-10 get enough gold for 3 items and suddenly become raid boss to the point where nobody can 1v1 him i believe is just straight stupid. I think the passive is way overpowered and unfair compared to most champions and so should be treated like azir nerfed so the point where those who are skilled are rewarded and those who are unskilled are likely to fail. At the moment with a winrate as high as 55% on a high skill champion even in silver and gold is just far too crazy while other highly skilled champions are sitting under 40% winrate duo to their difficulty. double crit chance and additionally a shield when moving whereas champions like poppy Teemo have extremely weak passives that are unreliable and difficult to use in a teamfight, throwing a buckle and trying to pick it up to gain a shield is extremely unlikely to be viable during a teamfight. Just wanted to make a post to show my saltyness sorry if I've made any mistakes in writing my post Thanks for reading. X
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