Kinda funny/kinda sad toxic player encounter.

So, let me start by saying I recently started doing 1v1s in Howling Abyss to kind of warm before I jump into ranked games. I am the least likely to run into toxic players or get tilted prior to starting ranked in this situation, plus I've had the opportunity to somewhat learn how to lane against champs I otherwise rarely would. It's a really good warm-up for me, it seems. And that's all it really is. Prior to doing so, I had very little experience with custom games. I just never was into that sort of thing. So, I go Kayle and get a Vayne match-up. Cool. Rarely had a chance to see what Vayne can do in a 1v1 lane experience. Should be fun. I start with the "Good luck and have fun, yada yada." The guy responds with "500 ms." Now I realize that he had 500 ms latency, but for real, it's not even a serious match, I run at a constant 150+, maybe his net will get sorted out, whatev....just here for kicks. I expect that he'll play cautious, as his net is being stupid. BUT, no... he jumps me from the bushes immediately. So, we kill each other. This seems to be how things usually go in an early all in, from my experience. I get back to lane, he isn't there. He starts calling me an idiot, and asking why I don't leave. I tell him to surrender (because I'm not familiar with custom matches). He continues calling me stupid, he can't surrender until 15min, I need to leave, blah blah, but I'm like, "Hey, dude's having a bad day." I'm literally just hitting enter to tell him that I'll leave for him, to chill out.... and he continues to call me stupid, being a generally toxic and nasty fellow. So, I gave him two options: 1) Apologize and I would leave or 2) wait 15 min....while I let the minions do all the work. I tell him this, and he decides he's coming back to lane, and is going to beat me or something. So, I let him fool around a bit, then I kill him. At this point, I'm literally just making sure as little game progress happens by the minions. I brought the game to a stand still. So, end result, I took his nexus down somewhere around 15min and 10 seconds....just to be a real dick about it. The thing that gets me is that all he had to do was stop being a douche....but he refused. A simple "Sorry man, I'm just frustrated. Please leave the match." That's all it would have taken for me to not waste 15min of his time. In a way, this was funny..... in another it is really, really sad.
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