Nerf these champions

Nerf{{champion:44}} 57% winrate mid in korea best support alive always pick/ban in lck aoe imunity perma heals and sields + tankiness boost most broken champion on earth Nerf{{champion:8}} best toplaner best midlaner best adc best vampire very tanky with a crazy amount of sustain in lane and because it's not enought he have a crazy amount of aoe damage making him one of the best teamfighters , he is strong early game (cant loose lane unless he is very stupid) and he is a monster late game ( I don't even need to explain this one) and because his tankiness sustain and damage are not enough riot give him an escape making him untargetable+ I never remember this champ being balanced since I started league Nerf {{champion:56}} , in fact a 0/3 nocturne told me '' I dare you to not lane under your tower when I get lvl 6'' this joke of a champ can just press R on evry squishy and kill them without any counterplay (like rengar but at least rengar have a warning and not an instant cc ), and because he is a very good duelist he can even 1V1 many bruiser who tries to split push+ his winrate is crazy and he is very contested in lck Nerf{{champion:157}} (lol jk)
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