The Moment You Loved LoL

HI guys, I appreciate the discussions on these boards, however many of them tend to be focused on negative aspects of the game. I'd like to begin a discussion about the positive aspects of League by sharing the moments we as players fell for this game we spend hours and hours of our lives attempting to master. For me it was a game I had a long time ago - A friend who no longer plays convinced me to try this LoL game out and I figured I'd give it a shot. My first few games were rough, I died a lot and I remember wondering what my friend liked about this game. I kept playing though, and things began to make sense, rotations, cs, objectives, etc. And then the defining moment occurred - I was playing Pantheon, we had taken both their nexus turrets, and they'd taken both of ours. Both teams met in the center of mid-lane for one last battle, my team started losing. I decided to make a desperate play, and Ulted mid fight, landing directly on the enemy Nexus - at the time {{item:3142}} gave increased attack speed and I activated it - with seconds to spare I single handedly took out the enemy Nexus and won the game for my team. It was the moment that hooked me - the rush I got from carrying 4 other players to victory has stayed with me ever since and from time to time I experience similar achievements, or witness other players achieve them. It's that rush that has kept me playing, and it's why I'll keep playing, despite the repetitive map, and the hard losses, and the nerfs and buffs and whatever else we all like to complain about - League remains constantly entertaining to me because of that human element, that chance to make a difference in every game, that one moment that every player experiences which keeps coming back for more.
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