Why does everyone hate the new Aatrox?

Jesus christ you weirdos cried for a rework a week after his release and when he finally gets one it's not "what we wanted". Aatrox was one of the most boring,mundane,replaceable and designed badly. Old Aatrox was too reliant on his AAs to the point he had to use his only mobility skill to get close. The problem is when you got close the enemy would just instantly land whatever it had to you. And you couldn't escape since your only mobility skill has such a high CD. He was supposed to go 1v3 like Illaoi judging by his ult but unlike her,Aatrox can only attack one enemy at a time which forced him to be a duelist. I'm sorry I'm not enough of an edgelord to main Aatrox to mastery 7 but I had a handful of games as him and I know what his problems are. I'm not a fan of Riot games and I don't support most of the things they do,but really you guys are just being ungrateful right now. I hate the state of towers,I hate the removal of banner of command,I hate riot making excuses to buff popular champions but there is just a fine line between disliking and blindly hating.

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