LP gain in d4 with 65% winrate is completely broken.

Hello, on this acc ( its a smurf ) i climbed to diamond with 80% winrate (DUOQ smurf) https://i.imgur.com/64lxfC0.png When i reached diamond I won around 17 LP, but my winrate decreased (1 loose were like 3%) because after winning about 20 games continuously and around 44-1 in total things got harder in diamond and everyone looses from time to time but thats whatever... My problem is my MMR. I win 12LP and i loose 24. https://i.imgur.com/PKBKIK8.png I can accept wining 12LP in diamond pretty much, because I know thats just how it is after promoting to d4. I know, sometimes MMR is a bit** but I also know, that usually mmr does stabilize if you just win enough games. Okay now my problem: I used to win 13LP after i lost like 3 games in d4 0LP and tier avg. games of platin 1 elo. I won 7 games in a row in diamond 4 and _**the tier avg in my games went up but my LP gain decreased.**_ Instead of 13 i win 12 lp now. I dont get it I get matched with people that play their D3 Promo, meanhwile what i get for the game is 12LP. https://i.imgur.com/0twepnD.png My concern ist that my lp gain will be even worse when i reach diamond 3 I legit dont know what to do... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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