Actually managed to get to 7-5 in TFT

I sadly lost my proof, because I used print screen at first when I reached stage 7-3, but then I accidentally pressed print screen again after the match ended. It was a pretty grindy, but fun game. Too bad I couldn't discover what happens when you reach 7-6. That would've been awesome. / #Items - Vayne ({{champion:67}}) had double Last Whisper and Runnan's Hurricane - Varus ({{champion:110}} ) had a Frozen Mallet and another Last Whisper (that was the item I got from the 7-3 carousel) - Both Fiora ({{champion:114}}) and Leona ({{champion:89}}) had Knight's Vow - Sejuani ({{champion:113}}) had double Iceborn Gauntlet and Dragon's Claw
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