Shurima.The things i can't understand.(1)

Why does Taliyah think that Azir is Evil? I agree that the rumors heard from the merchant about slavery are disturbing, but those words are from a stranger who knows nothing about the person in question except from what he heard.So why does she think Azir is evil?After all his last act as human was to free the slaves.Now he only seeks to bring back his empire,protect his people he let them down and hunt Xerath for his crimes that's all.So why is she so against the idea of him ruling Shurima.I only see positive things to be honest. First lets think this way.Shurima didn't have any leader,and because of that they were scattered all over Shurima in tribes.Because of that they are easy targets for raiders and foreigners.In other words they lacked the protection offered by the soldiers and by the Emperors reputation and powers. Second.Now that Aizr is back,every ruined city is going to get back to the starting point as if nothing ever happened.And that means people can once again live there.(Merchant rumors) So that's why i'm curious why is he evil?It doesn't really make sense.
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