What have happened to matchmaking? Games are more of stomp the enemies or get stomped on? (Rant)

Idk, but my matchmaking for ranked feels really fucked up. How I remembered games to be before was that games usually was close. No one got really feed early one and that you won/lost like 1-2 team fight and then won/lost the game. I was having fun cause you knew that it was close, you hade to gather you team to fight for objectives and just small mistakes differentiated the good players from the bad players in that game. That is how I felt ranked was earlier seasons that I have played. But not any more. Right now I feel like the match making is all over the place. Like either you get a match where one team stomps the other quiet hard. Sure it still happened earlier seasons too. But earlier seasons a stomp felt more of an exception and that most of the game was close and winnable. But now that feels more of a rule rather than the exception. I feel more that the skill level between players in a game varies a lot more now than it used to. The games feel more like 1-3 player in each team is quiet a lot better and will pretty much do all the job of that team, in almsot every single game. I almost never feel like a win have been my entire team effort nor the entire enemy teams effort, but just an effort of the few. which is kinda sad. I miss the feeling from ranked in earlier seasons when the game was close and the win was a team effort, that was the feeling making games fun to play. Another thing with match makings is that it doesn't feel like the matchmaking is as consistent between games. Like one game might feel quiet hard and unfair cause the enemies feels a lot better since they stomp us hard and I have a hard time vs the enemies in lane. But the next game it's the other way around. I fucking stomp the enemies in lane and my team stomp the enemy team hard. Like whaaaat? I don't want to stomp enemies or get stomped on. I want close games where know if I make 2-3 of my small mistakes it will matter. Not were like the enemies will abuse ever single fucking small mistake that I make (but that I doesn't know is a mistake?) or where I just could go "Meh. I can play lazy now. Since I and/or 2-3 team members are already ahead stomping the enemies". I know that it was like this earlier season too, only this problem were only occurring when you had few games played, but when you were around 100 games played the majority of games were usually quiet close and fun. But right now I have around 150 games played and only a few of all my games have felt close and fun. I don't know wtf you have done but it's frustrating when I play ranked and want to win that the games doesn't really feel close. The wins I get when I don't feel like I have to put in so much effort is not very rewarding and the games when I get stomped only makes me frustrated over that I got stomped and I don't really know what I could have done against it. If the game is close and I win, I will feel good that I actually was better than the enemies since it felt that they could have won instead and threatened to take that win away from me. But if you lost you hade the feeling of that "If I just wouldn't have made that small mistake, maybe we would have won". But that feeling is hard to get when there is just 1 or 2 enemies that stops on everyone in your team. You get the feeling of "wtf could I have done? They are clearly a lot better then me". Anyway this will be my end of the rant. I hope this get fixed for next season cause I want to get back that old feeling from having close games. Where I actually could feel where I made mistakes, cause the game changed a lot after I did some things and not like now when I end up feeling like a question mark and asking my self "wtf can I do to improve, that one player is clearly a lot better then us. He just need 1-2 team members and they win 2-3v5?" or you just keep questioning what a team member does "like what the fuck.... why the fuck do you keep dying? Play safe ffs. Don't you know that giving up lots of kills makes the enemy stronger? It's better that you just are in lane and get the XP and little farm then farm and die" or "Why the fuck do you push second turret when we have no ward out and doesn't see any enemies on the map?" \*gets ganked and killed by 3 enemies\* "fml -.-". Please riot, fix the skill difference between players to not fluctuate so much between games nor in a single game for the next season when you have played a reasonable amount of games (like 100-200). I hope that this will be the biggest change between this and the next season. Cause if it's not, next season will suck as well.
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