Tank items really suck hard.

Tank items really suck hard. No one plays real tanks cuz the bruiser champs can perform way and way better and they are tanky aswell. Bruiser items almost give the same stats and they give AD Cdr and healing. {{item:3071}} 400 HP 50AD 20% Cdr Armor pen {{item:3053}} 450 HP Shitload of AD and the passive {{item:3078}} 250 HP 250 Mana 40% attack speed 20% Cdr 25 AD 5% Speed. Speed per attack . Sheen Proc {{item:3742}} 425 HP 60 Armor Speed passive {{item:3065}} 450 health 55 MR 10% Cdr 30% increased healing {{item:3083}} 800 Health healing out of combat The bruiser items give 1200 HP 40% Cdr i think 200 AD i cant calculate steraks AD 40% attack speed- 5 % movement speed. Sheen proc . + armor pen When the tank items give 1600 HP 60 Armor 55 Magic resist 20% Cdr Speed Healing+ Out of combat healing and speed. Bruisers are almost tankier then actual tanks. specially when they run conqueror with all the healing they get.
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