Speaking on behalf the vast majority of the community. (URF mode and April Fools)

Rito, despite the numerous and consecutive appeals, we still sit here ignored and without URF mode. An overwhelming majority of the whole League Of Legends player-base would probably agree with me when I say you clearly haven't taken the communities opinion into consideration, and instead have given us some poor and disappointing April fool's attempt. Regardless of what you want to incorporate, you still fail to value and notice our response to this. Prior to this 'April-Fools event' (I don't think it could even be considered one as it's change to the game is so irrelevant), hundreds of thousands of us appealed for the game mode to be added, even if it was in the custom games. But I can't see why you still refuse to accept this demand. We pay money and put a lot of time into this game. If you added it, we would be happy. And what happens when we are happy? We spend money. This benefits both players in this situation. I am bewildered to why you haven't noticed this sooner, but then again, its Riot. The money making scheme driven to curse this game with boredom...? You may argue that URF is a special game-mode and its fun value/factor will diminish if it is left on the game forever. But how do you even begin to imagine what the outcome would be if you never try it? If you fail, so what? At least you tried to meet the communities demands and, in the eyes of us, we will respect the decision greatly. Plus you will make a sh*t tonne of money from the vast influx of players you will receive which can't exactly be considered a drawback. Please, on behalf of this community listen to us and bring this f*cking game mode back. {{champion:223}}
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