How hard is for Supp to get to a bigger division than gold?

Hi, I'm supp main, I play for 4 years so far and rn, even though i just done 10 beginner games of ranked I'm in Silver 3. I think I am not bad supp, I do some pretty cool things, and often get complimented by my adc, but it seems impossible to get out silver or gold. I tried so much but every game I play someone either feeds a lot, goes afk, team starts fighting, or someone doesn't listen at all. For example last game I played which made me write this, everything was going good, we were pushing bot was doing great, top was on status quo, mid was feeding a lil, but it's because of often ganks, our jg was also fed. They took Baron at 1 point of the game, we killed 4 of them and were chasing last guy and I flashed and pulled him under turret and we killed him. We were pushing everything mid, destroyed inhibitor and Garen pushed bot up to inhibitor in which point they recalled and we went back. OK so far so good! After that we tried to push some more they killed us all except Garen who managed to def main turret in base and inhibitor on mid (we lost 2 mid turrets). We got another 2 kills after it, but they had Elder Drake so we couldn't push a lot cause they were strong, they had Ornn who is cancer in my opinion. Ok shots were called go left def it out,take red, 3 stay mid def. So we said DON'T dive their guys came back we have to be together go easy, but Yasuo did not listen he dived solo but managed to escape and come back to us. "You'd think we are good and nobody died". But no, Kayn didn't like that after we said Do not dive many times, pinged him to go back cause we are not together and we need to get together, he just straight ignored and dived in 5 of them alone 1v5 and died in a sec, like we weren't even close to him, he got deleted. After that they all dived with Ornn there we couldn't def many of us died, all except Garen who tried to def turrets in front of Nexus but failed and died and they won the game. After we finished the only thing he said is: "I am Dia3 on my main"- like i don't care about loosing this(we all know he's not). So that's an example of things where players don't care or listen to the rest of the team, and 1 of the ways that I keep loosing my games.I really don't know what to do, I tried everything improving for last 4 year, but some of these things have to happen, games where I win everyone was normal and those are really rare. It's not that I am great or that I don't make mistake but these things are things that I am not guilty, cause I can't influence them or change them. Sorry for writing this book, hope you'll read it and give me your opinion and advice.{{summoner:-1}} Here's few videos of my pulls from the game:
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