Ranked Twisted Treeline has an interesting matchmaking.

Hey! I used to play lots of rankeds in 3v3, even reaching the top 100 in May, until I quit playing that mode a few months ago with a very clear reason: the matchmaking. Three issues with it. **1)** Really long queue times averaging more than 10 minutes, 20 minutes some nights (and I wasn't even the one having the most problems there - Believing's queue times several times reached multiple hours straight, up to a full 24h once). **2)** Very high difference in levels. **3)** And poor LP gains as a consequence of this. So, when you play late at night, you have to wait for a very long time, before getting matched with people being **several leagues apart**, to end up earning 6-8 LP if you win, or losing ~30 for a loss (I say that while having a 54ish% win rate, it simply happens because of the low elo/mmr people in both teams). That's been a common issue for a long time. But for some reason, despite having completely given up on that mode aside from one game a month, I tonight played two Twisted Treeline **ranked** games, and I just wanted to show you what happened in the first one. https://puu.sh/z16hB/a21dfd064d.jpg (Yeah, the display is pretty bad, but this is the only tool I know of that gives the 3v3 ranks of everyone at once.) Being diamond 3 in this mode, I was matched up with a Bronze teammate. And it wasn't even because he had a great MMR, [his win rate in 3v3 was below 50%](http://puu.sh/z16lY/0edf0e5b18.jpg). I'm not even mad at that or anything: my level went down in 3v3 over the summer, and as a consequence of this, I don't play that mode anymore. When I do, I'm only trying to see where I belong now, and trying to get back to my former level (level, not elo), thus am not upset by losses in any way. I just wanted to show this thing, because I found it hilarious. There was a difference of **18 divisions** between me and one of my teammates. However, this is an actual huge issue in 3v3. This map has the particularity of having three different metas, all used at the same time. - **The Jungler meta:** The thing that is commonly used in low elo, because of people not knowing the other, better possibilities. One top laner, one bot laner, one jungler. It's sometimes used in high elo, very rarely though, and its only purpose is to cheese the people using the other meta by being able to be more aggressive early on. In high elo, it's *only done by the people who understand the normal meta well and thus know how to adapt its weaknesses.* - **The Hypercarry meta:** The standard meta for the Twisted Treeline in high elo, at least in EUW. Last time I checked, North America still tended to favor the use of junglers. One bot laner, one "hypercarry" and one support. The hypercarry and the support are a duo lane, going top lane, but also jungle. The former brings a smite, so both the hyper and the support (always together) clear the jungle, farm the top waves, clear the jungle, etc., with the hypercarry being the one getting all of the farm. - **The Chaos meta:** That's a bit of a special case here. It was conceived by two friends of mine, who climbed to top 10 by spamming it, but every other person who tried it failed with it. One top laner, and... two junglers. Who clear the jungle and the lane with no ally, both getting some farm, but focussing on pressuring and killing the enemies in a faster-paced game. This thing revolves on constantly trying to pick the enemies where they least expect it, due to having two people with no lane assigned. All of this leads me to say that in my elo, in 90% of the cases, the games have a hypercarry against another hypercarry. But when you are teamed up with people of lower elos (even most gold people seem to be unaware of the hypercarry meta), you cannot play the way you are supposed to play anymore. In this game that I played, my teammates *didn't even know what a hypercarry was*. It's like... imagine being master (in soloQ), playing a solo queue, and having your team not knowing what a jungler and a support are. It's kinda problematic. Especially when your enemies actually do know how that thing works. ... I just realized that I only meant to show how hilarious the matchmaking in 3v3 could be (reminder that it was a ranked), but ended up developing on the issues of that mode. Oh well, I was supposed to do that at some point anyway. Thanks for your potential attention!
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