I'm bronze 5 and I don't mind.

I was silver last season but I did shit in provisional and made it all the way down to B5 (8L 2W) Not many high elo players are aware but bronze 5 = A player who's struggling to climb, NOT a lvl 30 champ rotation selecter with 0/7/3. I posted in /r/xinzhaomains on Reddit about some tips on how to play Xin Zhao top lane, and some guy asked for my opgg. Okay, np. Well when I came back everyone started calling me out for being a bronze 5. I deleted my comment where I posted my opgg, but some asshole linked it back. Someone else said that of course I'll win with xin because it's bronze. The f*ck? I just wanted to share some tips. [Here's my f*cking op.gg](http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=rockified) . Yes, I did end up with 1/11/1 in a match but hey, I also did score 24/1/4 in ranked and carried. My winrate is 42% and I'm okay with that, not because it was 28% last month but because after all League Of Legends is just a game and has nothing to do with my life value. https://prnt.sc/ij9vqw
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