Ganking vs farming

Jungle is my main role beside mid and I am having trouble deciding whether i should go for a gank or keep farming my jungle. I just played a game as naut and managed to get an early double for our mid laner and went bot, which was also successful and so on and i noticed that i was really slacking concerning my farm. This was reflected in the fact that i was like 2 levels below most people. Then i focused on farming my jungle and leave the lanes as they were only ganking the freeest kills. So my question is how do i balance it properly, because i feel that concerning your level and gold it makes more sense to just keep farming, but then you sort of miss the opportunity to give your laners an edge. I also find it also has a lot of impact when im just showing presence, for example in mid if my laner is getting shit on. This will force the enemy mid to play more passively and give my laner the opportunity to farm and get back into the game. But then im losing a lot of farm and XP.... So what are the criteria?
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