I got banned for inting when I wasn't

Captured with Lightshot
Hello. I played a soloq game as Jarvan {{champion:59}} (date: 10/8 ) top and got banned for intentionally feeding when I just simply got outplayed. I went 2/13 against some Master yi when playing off-role and got banned after the game without any warning or any other game as a reason for getting banned. I lost all my honor and was given a 14 days ban for just playing poorly one game. This is utter bs. I wrote the same thing to riot support and got the response as the link follows. So in theory you could get trolled reported 5 times under a 20 games period and get banned. The system is clearly flawed. It would be a different story if I did something obnoxious as just constantly running it down mid. But apparently you aren't allowed to get rekt in lane once without getting banned so this could practicly happen to anyone. Everyone has bad games and are bound to feed time to time especially when playing off-role. I had a pretty high honor and all of the past well played games ment nothing from one bad one. Thanks riot.
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