Champion costs vs blue essence income

There is something extremely off with champion costs vs blue essence income atm. Before the recent patches i had all champions and i had 10 or so champion shards saved up just for the lolz. I had over 150k blue essence that i blew on a summoner icon and a ward skin i think. I regret that so SO much now. I literally cant do anything to afford the new champion. I have 7100 blue essence. I am only missing 700 yet i know its FAR off that i can get it. When i level up i am lucky if i get a few hundred. Then what? 10-20 more games til next level? For just a few hundred essence? I was saving that essence up for some more rune pages but honestly as the situation is now its like this: If i want to get the new champions as they are released i'm going to have to save up all my blue essence i get in between and i might be lucky if i can afford them. This seriously sucks
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