One simple step to help reduce 'bad players' in solo Q

Iv'e been thinking for a while now about why there is a high amount of bad players or lesser players than you, even though they're similar ranking to you. I found the biggest difference is mostly experience, like most things in life, experience is a large factor and i feel it's the same in league. When you are matched with someone who has got a mere 25 ranked games played for instance in my experience they are not as good as those who have 300 games played, for obvious reasons. So i was thinking why don't riot match you with players with similar amounts of experience in terms of games played in a season or something to help reduce the amount of 'bad players' in a game. Admittingly this method has bad spots, maybe some guy who's new is actually geniunly really good but is matched with lesser players than himself but i think largely the idea is a good one. Does anyone feel the same way, would love to know your opinions- Nofiddle
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