Farming midlane

Hello everyone! I have some difficulty farming on midlane. Sometimes I even end up with 80 cs at 20 minutes. That's pretty bad. The main reason is because I still miss a lot of minions with last hitting. I'm used to playing adc and most adcs respond fairly quick when you hit a minion. Mages tend to be a bit slower in the animation, thus I miss them a lot that way. Another reason is because midlane is going to be quite busy after a while. Everyone comes mid and takes your minions, without even knowing that mid might still need these. Normally I don't really make a problem out of that, but sometimes when botlane loses quickly and they already come towards mid at 10 minutes, I would still have 50ish minions and then it becomes even harder for me to cs. Now my question is, how do I get better at csing midlane?
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