Emote pages ?

Hi guys ! Since Riot released the Masterwork Chests and emotes, some people are just farming (involuntarily) these emotes. However, we can't really use them all as we can "only" have 9 emotes for our single page.. So I thought it would be ok to have a rune-like system, with pages of emotes that we can switch to quickly while we're into the lobby, because, when we are waiting for our game to start, we don't always think about changing our actual emotes (and maybe we don't have enough time to do so). Finally we don't use like 3/4 of our emotes, not because we don't like the others, just because we prefere the ones we are always using This could be great for people maining multiple champions, or if you want to have some fun with emotes, instead of being mean... Well, thanks for reading, glhf ! xoxo {{champion:103}}
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