am i the only one who thinks riot does a bad job at "duel purpose" abilityies...

now not all of them are bad... but from my point of a view a spell should be defensive by default. offensive by default. or be a 3rd party spell. now lets look at vlads pool... so its a damaging healing invincible speed buff slowing zone... ok....... I think its pretty fair to say when playing against vlad this skill is annoying as ****? so... I recommend either making it offensive. for example. vlad can now be hit while pooled... however the closer to the center of the pool the enemy is the more damage they take. increasing up to 200%? (and thus healing for 200%) it could also slow more once in center or speedup more... or lets make it purely defensive? an example is lissandras ult when self casted. I think her "duel purpose" is fair because its a ult and swaps a strong cc stun for a strong heal... so it has uses where one be flat out better then the other... and lets be real for vlads 45% cdr isn't that hard to get... another spell I think riot did really well is jayces cannon w. the speed gate thing. it has uses depending on how its used... it arnt like "oh its a buff... I get more speed and my q goes further..." it has placement in it... its pretty hard to use it offensively and defensively at the same time you know? (it can be done but its rare) so... whats your view on these duel purpose spells... and for god sake don't bring up fizzes troll pole..... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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