Question to junglers

Hi! I'm learning to play jungle, especially Kayn right now and I have few question to people who play jungle all the time: 1. When I cleared all my jungle and every lane is pushing (enemy champs are under turrets) what can I do when I'm like 4 level? I always feel a bit confused what I'm suppose to do in this time and I feel it's wasted. I'm trying to roam enemy jungle but it's either empty or enemies are leaving lanes and it becomes too risky. 2. What to do when one of your teammates is 0/3 and enemy is 3/0 and have 3 levels higher than you? Should I agree to gank this lane and risk double kill for enemy or focus on helping other lanes? I think it is one of the hardest situations because when I'm ignoring it the enemy becomes fed, everyone blames me and they are pushing this lane very fast... >.< Also if u have any advices for beginning jungler in gold elo I'd be glad. :D I enjoy playing Kayn, Vi, Shyvana, Amumu right now

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