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So i play blind pick and ofcourse i get matched against my hugest counterpicks . 4 Games in a row. Im OK with that. Unlucky. I play draft so i can ban atleast 1 of my counters. But... I have to wait 20 minutes LITERALLY to start a game. (no low priority). And im not even playing the typical mid/top (most popular roles). I picked adc and jungle. 4 times people didnt accept afk check. 2 Times people dodged. When i finally get into a game-as vayne,i get matched against tristana and aurelian sol,with a zilean. So we start the game and guess what-tristana had a redbuff. She got lvl 2 and all-inned me. What can a vayne that started W do against a tristana with redbuff jumping on her and putting her E stack on her? Heal flash away. So im already kinda tilted cuz when i got back to lane it was 24 cs to 6. Ok. Play passive and farm - i havent fed her first blood yet so we still kinda have a chance. We had a couple of good trades and zilean manages to land a double bomb on tristana-so we decide to go all in. Guess what-tristana heals and w's away,meanwhile evelynn comes and scores a doublekill,cause i had no summoners and zilean is squishy as hell. OK. Continue to play passive. Then we come back to lane and guess what-aurelian charges at us with support item ghosts and lands a double stun on us cuz we are like what (90 % slowed?). Evelynn comes and they kill zilean cuz i had my flash up to flash away. So i wait under my turret at full hp for the wave to come. I start farming and guess what-aurelian exhausts me and the fed evelynn flashes out of the bush and one shots me. OK. Still. Im 0/2. Not so bad-my cs was decent for the amount of deaths (60 cs at 10 minutes). When we come back to lane we were both 6 and managed to outplay aurelian and tristana cause they havent backed yet (still she had bf sword against my double long sword). Evelynn comes and zilean ults me. Then exhaust the evelynn and i stun her and kill her. Then kassadin comes and cleans up while our rengar does red and azir doing wolves. Then-after 10000 polite asks for rengar to gank,at 18 minutes into the game, he finally comes down bot lane, when we have our first 2 turrets pushed. And guess why did he come ? Yes. You guessed it. To steal my HUGE 3 wave minion army "cuz he needed 300 gold for youmuus". That literally made me run it down mid and surrender. The evelynn was fed,tristana was fed (5/1),i was 2/5,we had a top warwick that was 0/2, azir was 0/3 against the 5/0 kassadin. So all lanes lost. Should of i continued trying ? I just want to say that it was a normal.
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