Actually who has made that rank system???

**Like are y'all serious?** _After 5 years of playing this game my award is getting Silver 2 after being Plat 3 last season._ Word can not express how pissed I am. I do not have time and nerves to climb from S2 back to Plat again. Actually I can see all these people being mad already for what you did. And it does not surprises me at all. AT ALL. **Maybe you should take care of the in-game experiences instead of making an enormous amount of skins.:)** Seeing this happening is killing my brain cells. It would have been better without any rank resets that only make you more and more upset. I do not care that I have 9 games left after I get my final rank. For I know I will not be able to win all of em. _It makes me sick that it does not matter how good I play_. **Because if I lose I get no LP...** It is utterly ridiculous. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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