Silver 4, fair or not? You be the judge!

Just want to get your guys opinion on the matter. Intro: (You can skip this) Played since S2(end) and love this game, the community and the changing dynamics of it all. I'm a main support and generally get a lot of assist and help take down objectives plus of course ward my ass off. But probably everyone think this of themselves so you can ignore that part. I'm the proud owner of both a Great opponent ribbon and the Friendly teammate ribbon. (They switch sometimes when I lose the friendly status and regain it again). Facts: I've played the following matches: (This is in short, to go into detail just visit my match history). Last match we lost due to someone on our team being afk and me having to switch from support to hybrid support/ap mage with Morgana. Conclusion: I honestly think I didn't deserve to be placed in Silver 4, but I'll accept it and start climbing again. I was Silver 1 last season. Not crying or complaining, just asking your opinion. League places you where league wants to place you in the end.
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