ORNN & why now he is trash.

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Hi guys, it's me, nobody knows me but those who do probably saw me playing Ornn {{champion:516}} and saving a bunch of games. I actually consider myself a Main Ornn, but those times ended, keep reading for the reasons: Ornn used to be a very tanky champ, and a very hard one to deal with in lane if you didn't knew how he worked and what his main dmg dealers are "cough" W "cough", which is an ability very easy to miss click, and to dodge, unless the oponent is CC'ed, which was probably the case if you played him decently enought to land some Q to slow them and follow up with W>E or an W>AA>E combo. So after you got some nice decent dmg from Ornn you saw that you had to back and that this bastard could just stay there for ever and ever crafting stuff in lane until he got ahead in farm and kills and did 2vs1 to you and your jungle and got victorius almost all of the times you would probably think he's broken. If this is your case and you really thought that going in a 2vs1 being 2k gold and 2 lvl's behind, then well, you are probably not playing this game well. Oh, lil boy, only if you knew that Ornn is such trash lvl 1 and 2, oh boy, poor you. Oh boy if you knew he is so vulnerable to early ganks that you can't possibly get behind after one succesful gank (unless you play bad of course). > "Well Boys and Girls, NO WORRIES, we RiTo GaMeS removed his W shield so he no longer can trade. Now you don't have to worry, you can just dodge his W and that's it... that's all you have to do to kill Ornn right now, so yea there you have it." Well after this mocking around and pissing off and stuff let's get to the the real reasons why Ornn is a really bad champion right now: 1. Ornn is builded tank, it's his role, it's how he scales, it's what his kit was made on. Now he just can't be a tank becouse he doesn't survive laning phase, he gets stomped by almost each and every toplane that he gets to fight with unless you play him like {{champion:98}} , being %%%%% AF and staying under tower, which he doesn't do that bad, but still is not enought for him to get to an even lvl with his opponent so he leaves his lane being not a tank but a wanna be and dies, and dies, and dies. 2. Ornn's W was his main ability, for all kind's of things, tanking dmg, going aggro on someone, trading, escaping from enemies, dodging stuff while rooted, etc. Some things out of there he still does, others he doesn't, Ornn no longer tanks dmg, his shield did that for him and now there is no shield. He no longer can trade efficiently with someone becouse he is basically Stuned while doing W animation. 3. Ornn was one of those tanks you didn't want to deal with unless you are {{champion:67}} or are really fed. Now literally anyone can just come to your lane, kick your ass outta there and get back to his bussiness like nothing happened. 4. Almost everyone counters him, W is his main Dmg dealer, people just walk... and dodge your W. And now they can even poke you couse you don't have a shield that protects you. 5. W used to be a somewhat risky ability to play in some situations, now it's much better to not even use it couse you arebasically CC'ed and the dmg you take doesn't compensate the dmg you may do couse again, they just can walk out your W and TADA! no dmg at all. 6. W is the main reason you were able to do combos like Q>W>AA>E or Q>W>E. Why? you ask, well mainly becouse people think "Oh, he got a shield, maybe i should go back couse i can't trade him well right now" and they got a Brittle on them, a pillar surged from behind and they got a nice knockup. Well now it's much harder you get to do this couse people can just walk to your face and don't get hit by E. 7. W is his only way of not losing that much HP, all the other tanks have some way of gettign more armor, or recovering hp, or getting a shield, Ornn doesn't. No longer. W should get it's shield back. Tell me your thoughts
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