About Hanbot the Human script cheat

They thought i wouldnt bring the subject about scripting but here i am, i wonder how many here are paying for private scripts and constantly ruining people games, even when Riot Advertises 'there are no scripts in our game if we find it we ban them.. and so likely i encountered bronzes, silvers playing with high mechanics, incredible skillshots landing and dodge, i have played this game to much time since 2012 and i understand and feel how i diamond plays but when i see a player always being the one hard to focus and not overstepping in low elo for kills always playing in the 'safezone range limits' thats when my brain triggers that guy is probably using cheats. Im not ranting im just calling out this garbages that dont cease to exist. Lets get on facts 3weeks ago https://youtu.be/Q75BkD0Cpmw 4 days ago https://youtu.be/Z-PceHklBJI Season 10. From other guy https://youtu.be/smS4b6cz8VU and from other guy https://youtu.be/zGm8SfjfHf8 and other one https://youtu.be/cUimcnZnX8s There are people using this script or other kind of private ones, but riot cant ban them away because the system cant look at a software data that the devs are constantly updating within every new patch.. Open your eyes guys your been fooled in your Ranked Games and Normals aswell, League is free of scripting? Maybe take a look at some players in your games and notice the pattern they move when your going close to them. Bringing this to attention because in 4 out of 10 matchs i feel some players are to shady to be smurfing. The match history is also a plus to check and confirm that.
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