Why build BOTRK first with Ashe?

Just checked [Ashe's OP.GG](http://eune.op.gg/champion/ashe/statistics/bot) and was surprised Why do ppl build {{item:3153}} BotRK first on Ashe? Yeah I know crit nerfs etc, but I still don't get it? BotRK gives: Lifesteal, a few raw attack, %HP as physical damage, a few attack speed Now I remember ppl usually used to say that lifesteal should be skipped until third item or so, bc we need to have raw damage for that lifesteal %HP surely matters, but again later game? We need to start seeing HP stacking tanks for that to matter? A few attack damage + a few attack speed is nice, but why not build items that give a lot attack damage in the beginning? If we insist on early lifesteal maybe bloodthirster as the first item? Or do ppl build botrk for its active instead?
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