A rapid increase in queue timers

Disclaimer: This thread isn't a complaint or me going "RITO PLS FIX". It's just a question to determine whether I'm the only one experiencing this issue, or whether this has been happening to others as well. For the last 2 days, I've been experiencing some pretty MASSIVE queue timers in relation to both the estimated time and my usual queue times. From my experience, queues take anywhere from 1 minute on peak hours, up to 5 minutes in graveyard hours. In rare cases, 10 minute queues have happened, but it's during 4-5 AM GMT when most of EUW is asleep. But in the last 2 days, I've been experiencing consistent +20 minute queue timers. It doesn't matter which time of day I queue up in or if I restart the queue, the game just does not seem to be able to find a match. I haven't changed anything on my end. I'm not playing new roles. I'm not playing on a different gamemode. I'm just playing normals with my usual top/jungle selections which, albeit not as fast as support or fill, still have rarely ever taken me longer than 5 minutes to queue up. So I'm curious, is there some known issue going on with matchmaking, or am I just being incredibly unlucky right now?
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