Is Janna getting nerfed soon? 57% Winrate while having a 30% playrate!

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The Koreans abuse the Gold quints and Gold Seals the Runepage has a astonishing 58% Winrate in over 2,6k games in Platinum+ Janna overall has a almost 57% Winrate and almost a 30% Pickrate she also has one of the smallest learning curves in the game. She was op for the Last 2 Seasons but now shes just broken and she needs a Nerf, either Coin or her, but seeing the other Supports having a 3% ledge and using Coin too just shows that Janna needs a nerf right now. I also permaban her now if she isn't picked because she is such a Free elo champion right now. Btw everything at 50% winrate is ok, over 53% its good, and over 55% its just op now what the %%%% is 57% then? Ivern had that winrate but he only had a playrate of 3% just so you understand how op Janna actually is. I dont think that there was something in the entire history of league that had such a high Winrate+Playrate (because mostly the more the champion gets played the lower the winrate)
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