The condition of Volibear in the current patch

Allrighty. This patch has brought the rise of health stacking tanks. Grasp of the undying made them strong And champions like Dr. Mundo and Shen were given a significant increase in win rate. It was overlooked by some because of some outlandish things that happened this patch. But it is true. My favourite league youtuber, Stonewall008 constantly praises Nunu, our fellow board user noticed the power o Shen in [this]( thread. I spam Dr Mundo in ranked to my heart's delight. And you know what? for some reason Volibear did not rise in popularity. And he has everything that a makes a champion a good candidate for Grasp of the Undying/Titanic Hydra build. Why is that so? Or maybe he is just a sleeping OP, waiting to be discovered yet?
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