Sylas and Lux have special bond both lorewise and in game too. Here are a few reasons why Sylas and Lux are a better couple than Lux and Ez. _**1.Sylas is the opposite of Lux**_ Sylas is a mage that got imprisoned and locked away, while Luxanna was kind of hiding her powers but not so good yet she had no consequences. He represents the dark side of magic and She the opposite. He has a dark hair she is blond. He wants to destroy everyone she wants to help everyone. You get the idea. **_2. Sylas and Lux could make a great story_** What Lux and Ez lack, Sylas and Lux have a lot and that's a story. Both Sylas and Lux can make amazing stories in the future, Sylas can redeem himself cuz times have changed or he might corrupt Lux. Even if the changes are not so drastic I think they have a lot of room for growth while Ezrael and Lux do not. _**3. Sylas likes Lux because of her kindness**_ Yes, its true that at first he wanted to use her and eventualy he did, but he saw her kindness after her power as well. He also calls her _**"Little Light"**_. While Ez whants to be with her becouse they are both blond and mages. So yeah everyone welcome **_SyLux_** the new power couple of League of Legends. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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