No one loves Sivir

...but me. I havent seen her beeing mentioned anywere she is one of the original champs and she hasnt go even a little bit of attention. Her splash art is unfitting compared to the skins and splashes that come out these days.And she hasnt gotten a new skin since her Victorius one.I mean i like her skins in game but the splashes make me sad,cuz when i play with my Huntress Sivir people make fun of me...i still do anyway. Also can u give her like a real ultimate.When i get : Huge Rocked in the face {{champion:222}} Huge Arrow in the face {{champion:22}} Cannon ball in the face {{champion:18}} Milion bullets in the face {{champion:21}} Snearing tantecles in the face {{champion:110}} Poison darts from a mile {{champion:29}} Invisible atack boosted {{champion:67}} Giant ball of hate {{champion:104}} Giant yellow sprakles {{champion:81}} Sniped from soooo far away {{champion:51}} Sneared Charmed and Abused {{champion:498}} +{{champion:497}} A global terrifing ground Saws {{champion:119}} Another snipe but with 4 bullets instead of one {{champion:202}} All i can do against them is YELL and get some speed (or pop my E and make most of the mentioned above ussles). And i dont even what do imagine what the new Void adc will have in her R slot... Make Sivir great again... Also i dont mean buff her dmg i mean maker her kit interesting but not complicated..( ASHE got all the love)
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