searching g1-p5 for duo

hello it is me your best friends mother (call me linda) and i really love league of legos ...if you are looking for a braindead halfway decent veigar otp and want to spam cc tank support or cc tank jungle or cc tank toplane combined with my superiour veigar powers then you dont have to search no more because im your man nohomo ....however if you for some reason are a betamale and scared of reaching challenger soon it would be best if you leave NOW1!11! WARNING there will be immense pressure on your brain while trying to keep up with my great skill and it is not suited for everyone so have your iq cheked ideal would be 400-500 iq minimum there are only 4 things which i love 1 the only truth that the earth is flat which you already know as your iq is above 400 2 our hero and saviour donald j trump and the glorious wall he is going to build and the eternal joy to humankind that goes along with it 3 staying cool and watching my honor rise in yet unknown dimensions as i put all the wannabe ball earthers in their place 4 I LOVE eating vegetables and fruits i do not eat meat i like to eat healthy vegan food and you should too :) {{champion:45}}

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