Bring back the old hextech GLP-800

2 patches ago, they did a mini rework on the GLP-800. They made it longer, but reduced the travel speed and changed the build. This was a huge mistake in my opinion. I feel like this is a big nerf, i don't see any champ build it anymore. Previously, you had a few champs that had it as it's main item. But now, no1 buys it. I think that we should revert it and bring back the old GLP-800 or do a big buff on the current one. I used to play glacial augment aurelion sol. And glp800 was my first item. It was great for early roams and it made me get a lot of solo kills! But if i use it now, it's just really bad, because people can dodge it so easy if they have a bit of movement speed.

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