Who should you 'feed'?

Hey guys, Weird title lol but. The question I am asking here is, if you were to feed one of your teammates to an extent where they are like 20/x and everyone else is like 3/x, which role would it be? Basically it's like, 'Which role do you guys want to be your solo carry?' I'm just curious since I played vayne before and was relatively fed (15/5 lol) and my top darius was 10/7. My jungler was like 'darius peel for vayne pls' and he was like 'how about you all peel for me instead?' This raises a question in my head. 'Which role would be more beneficial if fed hard?' (I say adc since it's adc and they can survive better due to attacking from the back and not getting 5 people focusing you but I want to know if this is how you guys feel) (Let's make the roles meta as in bruiser top lane, tanky engage jungler, control mage mid, engage support and adc with mobility like dashes) Please, if you can, leave your reason for your role of choice! I'm curious to everyone's mindset on who is more suitable for carrying. Edit: Typos, also try to keep the decision unbiased e.g. don't vote for a role because you main it, give a geniune reason for it.
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