Hex tech Chests are not very sustainable for veteran players

So, for free, this is absolutely fine, everybody likes free stuff, even useless free stuff. But for money? This is just annoying. Let me explain my point. Every time I purchase (or unlock) a chest I will either get a skin/ward/icon shard or a champion shard. This would be fine if there was only one type of energy (orange) but there isn't. I have played this game a long time, I have every champion and tens of thousands of IP that I don't need. I want the hex tech annie skin which Riot have confirmed will be a bit of RnG collecting tokens when buying bundles with £££. I wouldn't mind doing this if I could guarantee that I would get Orange dust items (icons, ward skins, skins) but instead I have the risk of getting champion shards. This, to me is useless. I get why you can receive duplicates in the boxes, it's to reduce the value that the average player gets from the box and thus increasing the amount they have to spend to get something they want. But having every champion and the means to sustainably buy every champion that is ever made means that a decent % of my boxes will just get disenchanted into blue dust which won't ever be used. Basically, even if it costs me more money, there should be a way to filter out receiving champion shards if purchasing with real life money, if not I am literally just wasting it. I won't ever need the blue energy, I won't ever need new champions. Just my thoughts on the system. As a FREE incentive to play the game, it's great, as a paid feature, it's rather useless.
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