Master Yi as devourer/bruiser is way too strong atm

Hi guys, First of all: this is not a bronze rage thread. Being platinum (gold, climbing back after placements) is not THAT much, but I believe it allows me to judge game balance quite well. Pretty much what title says: Yi can go devourer-guinsoo-titanic-tankiness and rape anyone without any counterplay. He used to be Katarina-like champ (get CC'd or kill everyone), but that counterplay was removed when this item path got open. Focus him? He's too tanky! Don't focus him? He'll kill everyone! Yi has no complicated mechanics except dodging stuff with Q, and instead of high-risk high-reward he is now low-risk high-reward champion that has relatively low skillcap (albeit **to master** him completely is a different story - but it ain't needed at the moment to faceroll with him) and is really hard to get dealt with. You have to be decent with Yi, but I haven't seen a good Yi lose for a damn long time. And being a godly any-kinda-thing (and I've had some really good teammates in those games) didn't help at all. **Briefly - decent Yi > superb...anything. ** I don't like that state of things. Last time when Kassadin was like this, he got nerfed into pieces. I believe it's time for Yi to go through that now. What are your thoughts about this?
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