Cait needs a buff

Caitlyn was always a strong safe early game champion and a strong late game champion but since her nerf a few months ago she became very weak her early game is safe but not strong her mid game is very weak but her late game is strong again but its hard to get to that late game when the other Adcs scale quicker then Cait i feel like Caitlyn is too weak and needs a buff to recover Maybe she needs a buff in her Base Health and Attack speed again or maybe Lower CDr and mana cost on abilities. What do u think about Caitlyn is she weak or is she balenced the way she is . PS people who hate caitlyn dont write anything. And what are ur opinions about jinx she seems weak to me to she is way too easy to kill and she could use a buff aswell . Sorry for my bad English im from EUW thats my excuse :)
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