Balance the damage output between champion classes pls!!! Too much gap

Seriously i play OTP Jinx and everybody kills me easy!!! Nautilus early game lvl 2 from the hook ability and another hit he takes half of life from me!!! Chazix... Master yii Kata with oneshots me even latme when i have my spikes!! Im Squishy Jinx... lategame with no damage early game with means to run away cos she haas terrible runspeed!! Riot pls look the way u balance the damage in the game!! and champion clases... the damage between classes are too big.... why me as ADC cant oneshot nobody??? Since mid pach 9 im forced to play Jinx more and more under the turet getting overrunned by enemy cos i amlategame and cant farm propperly anymore... i dont know what u did to the mechanics of game !!!
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