My problem with botlane and Pyke

So, even though I may be a tiny bit late to talk about Pyke right now, I'd like to express my opinion with botlane. First of all, in I believe Patch 8.10 or 8.9 most adcs got a nerf in their stats and their items, and we also got Pyke available. I'd like to talk about Pyke first. I think that he is a great and fun champion to play with. The only problem I have with him is his damage (same for anyone really). I understand that Riot wants to introduce assassins into the support role, but I think Pyke was the worst way to do so. Basically, after the adcs were nerfed, Pyke can do whatever the adcs were able to do, but better. He is able to start teamfights, kill enemies quickly and have enough damage to win teamfights. He is also pretty hard to catch, as E and W can give him enough distance from you to be safe. I think it's one of those champions where he can do fine to pretty well in one lane, but when taken to another, he's extremely annoying and hard to play against. Take his Q for example. Each time you level it up (for the first like 3 levels at least) i grants 50 extra damage and -2 seconds on the cooldown. Anyway, enough of that, let's go to the problems I have with botlane. The biggest problem I have with botlane at the moment is that both roles got massive nerfs. Supports have really bad sheilds and heals, and most adcs got their stats nerfed and most of their items were also nerfed. So, most adcs just don't matter anymore, whatever they do they'll get themselves killed. Teamfights, well you just need one guy and it's over. 1v1s, even supports can do that at this point. That's all I have to say for now. If you agree or disagree, feel free to post it down below.
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