hi compare riven with Garen Darius Tryndmare &.... Darius = Q op damage + E armor pentration & catch u + W slow & op damage + a op ulti TRUEEEEEEE DAMAGE :) ( get cd off after kill u ) Garen= Q op damage with silence + W armor & mr & not get damage + E op damage + Ulti TRUEEEEEE Damage tryndmare = Q healing + W slow u & decrease ur AD + E damage + catch u + ulti he wont die + SUPER CRITICAL DAMAGE Atroxi = new Riven but more op cuz his ulti make him alive again + atackspeed & other OP TOP CHAMPS BUFFED Riven = Q not too much damage + W only 0.75 sec stun ( when enemy is stun ur atackspeed is low. so u cant atack enemy even with animation cancleing . so usless stun ) + E dash armor ( armor is good but 1.5 sec ) + ulti only give u damage like 30 + passive but? u dont have any movespeed or dashing like garen tryndmare or atrox + u dont have atackspeed. so u just must Q a Q a Q a + ulti = now if enemy is alive? u uselesss & rdy for die :)) enemy just need get some armor & riven is full useless. cuz no atackspeed if u wana use ur E Q for catch enemy? = u dont have combo for kill enemy 1 stun = she dead ye ye iknow boxbox is good riven. but look at other champs? everychamp top lane u pick? u can do somethign. but riven get counter by everyone everyone counter her. she need buff she forgotten by riot. she need a ulti True damage like pyke darius garen. not a ulti with low damage + some damage when enemy is low ( so if enemy isnt low? she useless ) go look at riven winrate? its under 50%. this explain everything now trolls will atack here about get gud or ....
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