Getting into Taliyah - my problems

So I've always wanted to get into playing Taliyah - I loved her kit the second I saw it, like her thematically, etc. Now that I've played her a few games, I'm struggling quite hard with her. There's mainly two things that I have problems with: First off, I feel like my damage falls off A LOT. I tend to get 1 or 2 kills during laning phase (is that normal as Taliyah?) but as soon as I hit the 25 minute mark, my damage goes down massively. To the point where a full combo of mine, with a full q, doesn't kill a squishy (which I THINK it's supposed to do though?). So am I building her wrong or does she just fall off? Secondly, I find it REALLY hard to land my W. I mean, in a neutral state where the enemy's not focussing on something else, it's damn near impossible for me. They can just reactively dodge it every time. Hell, it's so slow that they often even dodge it when they ARE fighting some else and I DO predict where they'll be going - they just stop for a second then. Also, how in god's name do you hit a Zed/ Talon/ Fizz with it when they're in your face?
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