Too much damage!?

Greetings! I have played this game since pretty much the beginning, probably over 10k games or so, ranked, normals and various funmodes.. I dont remember what came first and all the details, but i do know the following, over the years you have: Nerfed dorans items, less health, less restoration.. Nerfed runes and masteries, no more starting with extra armor, resist or health unless ur tank pretty much (i know u have the option, but not without gimping..) Severely buffed alot of items, overall many items give alot more dmg then they used and there is so much shred and true dmg and whatnot.. Buffed mana through champion and item rework = more dmg Reworked and introduced alot of champions, alot of them even have absurd amounts of mobility combined with this dmg.. Buffed gold from shutdowns, first blood, turrets and so on == over 9000??? Also the big masteries rework that introduced electrocute and that kinda stuff... On top of that add in all cancer champs that have a cc every 5-10 seconds and u get League of oneshot! wohoo Ok now i know there has also been buffs to the sustain side, but frankly, no potion or grasp proc is gonna save u from a scaling monster champ aiming straight for ur ass, it´s all in or go home.. Sit around and wait for jungler that is doing some random camp and has every1 on ignore.. What i wanted to say was that damage has gone out of hand and the game is no longer skillbased or fun to play imho, its just about picking the right monster champ and getting fed, then run around and slaughter every1 while spamming ctrl+4
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