Seeing someone who has 0 mastery on their champion to play like a God makes me mad.

When you see a low level guy in normals around level 40-80 who plays a champion they have seriously no mastery what so ever on, only to be the best player in the world on that champion. Makes me tilt really badly. Why, you ask? 90% of the time, it's cause of some god damn idiot who uses his "friend's" account to play with teammates who are "low level". Freaking makes me think "Oh, this guy seems pretty bad, I will play slow with him to let him have some fun" only to him doing super flashy play level 1-3. For example someone who plays Yasuo and understand how to get a Lvl 1 kill with using E only. People who borrow their friends account to do this, freaking stop. It's not fun for neither your friend nor the players you are against. People like me who like to give people a fighting chance, and then you just trying to ruin the game for everyone is just bad. Specially when you are admitting your main is diamond 3 and a Yasuo one-trick with 2000k Mastery points. You who do this are a big jerk, and I hope you get your friend's account banned from LoL so he can cut you down in real life. Seriously, I will never give my friend my account password, just incase I have an idiot like this as my friend. And to add on to what I said, Yes if you borrow
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