At what level do the players understand the game?

My main was Diamond 2 last season and unfortunately got banned so I've been playing this one. I didn't play that seriously towards of the end of last season but now I've started playing a little more seriously. After around 20 games I'm Plat V at the moment and damn, it feels like a lotto draw. I'm tempted to leave the game altogether because climbing through this elo is very frustrating and it's hard to adapt to this level of play style. I genuinely thought people at this level (above silver) would have map awareness to some extent but they're incredibly clueless. They die too much just from over extending even when a gank can be seen coming or something gives a clue to where the enemy is (ie a buff or the dragon/baron being taken). Obviously this happens to everyone and I've been incredibly unlucky to have this on a regular occurence. But damn, this 50/50 lotto elo is insanely bad. So at what division do the players actually become tolerable to play with and make semi-decent decisions.
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