I love this new Ryze

I know that he gets a rework like... once a ... month ? (jk) But this new Ryze is just awesome, finally i get a Ryze i can actually handle because before his rework my Ryze friend teached me how to play him, but still most of the time i was still like http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/c7/c7bad01dace4a51d1fe5f8bfecec6c35d4eeea6b0e70fcd4b34a0e71c2f61e5d.jpg But this new Ryze is a lot better for me, easyer combos, good dmg, and the Ult is a good juke to make enemys flash over a wall where the ult goes and than you step out of it :^) Most of the time i am still like http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/15/1518526616522cc150c34fa14e3bafe8ca8069eab9408ad2674f5a76be7b861a.jpg when i see my dmg output , but at least i don't have to wait for 4 runes to stack and than do spells in a certain order to get a permaroot xD

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