silver elo need help

Hello, this season I was placed in bronze even tho I was silver and even gold in past seasons, but I climbed to silver I in a few days anyways. However, this is where the disaster begins. After reaching silver I, I lost 10 games. Nearly every single one of them consisted of me having a good (getting some kills) or neutral (few kills/deaths) laning phase, however once we reach mid game all the other lanes are fed as hell and I start dying here and there cause they have too much damage and we simply end up losing because the enemy is way too fed. I try to focus on farming as much as I can, I buy pinks and ward every time I have a ward available, I get safe kills when I can, I try to get objectives when they are free, etc. Still, nothing of that matters if the other lanes are 11/1. So, does any of you have a piece of advice for a fellow silver player? In case it helps, my main roles are supp and mid (usually play sona/lulu, vel'koz/neeko/lux) but I can also play other lanes if needed.
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