Idea: Cassiopeia Mid with Smite?

Okay, so, today I was stumbling across the wiki and I decide to look at gromp since I didn't knew how his passive buff works It says "Using {{summoner:11}} upon Gromp will grant Gift of the Gift of the Toadstool for 90 seconds, which poisons any units (including champions) that attack you" As you may know, {{champion:69}}'s E has half a second cooldown on poisoned targets so this means that if they decide to attack you, they will get automatically poisoned and you can start spamming your E without having to hit Q/W. And, I am right I think that {{item:1414}} will be reworked soon acting more as a {{item:3285}} (I've read it somewhere on surrender at 20) So that would make taking {{item:1414}} on {{champion:69}} viable and give her even more dueling power or chase/escape with {{item:1402}}, or heck, if you want more vision... you get the point. Okay, so what do you guys think? _Please no mean comments, I'm only trying to think outside the box._
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